Project update: we’re still here!

Yes, we’re back! To social media, that is. Despite the hiatus from our online network, there’s been no lack of work over the last couple months. Here’s a report of some milestones, accomplishments, and general updates since the last blog post.

Three Caminos of spring, summer, and fall have come and gone, and thus, the field research stage is complete! We’ve traded the intensity of working on the trail — the constant company of other pilgrims, long days in varying weather, and chaos in albergue kitchens — for the opposing intensity of constructing the guidebook primarily indoors. These days, among other things, Tomer conducts extensive research, scribes plant descriptions, and reworks recipes, while Courtney Jean meticulously sketches the featured plants and edits selected photographs.

We’ve been working with a young graphic designer – Noam Chen – to develop and design a beautiful, compelling book that celebrates and teaches the wild edible opportunities of the Camino de Santiago. The skeleton of the book has begun to take shape – over 50% of the “bones” of the body have been completed. This includes 54 of 76 sketches, approximately 60 pages of researched and written material, and the processing of hundreds of photographs.

A few recipes have been reworked, tested, and recreated by other parties (our fans and friends). Polishing our version of the infamous Spanish tortilla, utilizing dried Camino porcini mushrooms for a delightful risotto, and perfecting a salty granola trail snack are some recent conquests.

And, of course, we’ve continued to discover and learn about edible plants and mushrooms from our research, explorations in the kitchen, and current environmental surroundings. We thank you for your ongoing support and interest in the great work that the project is shaping-up to be. Keep an eye out for more to come in the next couple of days!


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