The Edible Camino is now available for purchase!

The Edible Camino team is proud to announce the publication of The Edible Camino: A Field Guide to Wild Edibles Along the Camino de Santiago


Also available on


“The Edible Camino” guidebook features 77 wild edible plants and mushrooms found along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Written by pilgrims, for pilgrims, the pages are packed with detailed plant descriptions, vivid photographs, annotated sketches, nutritional/medicinal informationץ, and 50 wild vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Compact, lightweight, and highly useful, “The Edible Camino” is perfect for the traveler’s backpack. Not only will it teach you to identify and use the featured wild foods, but it will also open your eyes to the bountiful natural beauty along the trail, connect you to one of the oldest activities known to humankind, and deepen your pilgrimage experience in unexpected ways. It’s more than a guidebook–it’s a companion.

Although the book focuses on the Camino Francés in Spain, the majority of the selected species are found abundantly in other parts of Europe, the Mediterranean, and North America, making “The Edible Camino” an excellent introductory guidebook to wild foods no matter where you walk.


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